Ludowa Nuta Folk Choir

The Ludowa Nuta Polish Canadian Folk Choir of Hamilton is the next generation in the continuum of the tradition of Polish folk music. Although the choir is based in Hamilton, it is a link to the ancestral homeland for the Polish Diaspora in Canada. Through its founder and artistic director, Slawek Dudalski, the choir captures the spirit of Polish folklore and is generously praised for its authenticity, singing in regional dialects and performing in authentic folk costumes. The musical accompaniment is enhanced by unique folk instruments such as the trambita, gajdy, cymbaly and a variety of reed instruments. (mountain horn, bagpipes, hornpipes), imported directly from Poland.

Ludowa Nuta performs at the Sobieski Vodka Main Stage at Wright Avenue on Saturday at 5:30 and Sunday at 2:00.

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