Polish Artwalk

Roncesvalles Polish Festival – Polish Artwalk 2016

Polish Artwalk brings artists of Polish heritage to create temporary exhibitions and installations throughout Roncesvalles Village; known as Toronto’s most vibrant, diverse and creative community.

This year’s Polish Artwalk is presented on September 10-18, leading into the spectacular Roncesvalles Polish Festival taking place on Sept 17-18. All art genres will be featured such as fine art, sculpture, photography, and cartoon art. Below are some of the artist’s that are featured at merchant’s of Roncesvalles Village.

400 Roncesvalles Ave – Revue Cinema

Jerzy Cebo

artwalk-2016-jerzy-ceboJERZY CEBO is an accomplished Toronto based photographer. He was born in Poland, where he first discovered his passion for shooting pictures. He immigrated to Canada in 1981 and kept photography as a hobby, using photographs to express his perception of the world around him. Jerzy turned pro in 2003 and, over the years, he has developed a unique approach to photo taking with a particular focus on architecture, landscapes and the human body. Jerzy’s personal favourite and the most admired photographs are those of jazz musicians, dancers and body painters. These artists create the mood and the rhythm of his photographs. The images capture the mood and the energy of the space. They’re a moment frozen in time.

387 Roncesvalles Ave. – Helga


artwalk-2016-eva-lewarneEVA LEWARNE is a painter, photographer, designer and poet. She studied Fine Art at OCAD (Ontario College of Art) and English at U of T (University of Toronto). Her work has been shown at the Salon Grand Palais in Paris, the Chapelle de la Sorbonne, Jadite Gallery In New York, Gallery Moos and Bezpala-Brown Gallery in Canada, among others. She is represented in public and private collections in Canada, the U.S. France, and Germany. Ms. Lewarne was born in Poland and came to Canada after completing high school. Her theme throughout her long career has always been to portray MYSTERY & MOOD, with works like Gold Dust, Enigma and Hugs…

371 Roncesvalles Ave. – Buttler’s Pantry

Wojchiech Daniel Macherzynski

artwalk-2016-wojciech-daniel-macherzynskiWOJCIECH DANIEL MACHERZYNSKI is a Polish born painter, printmaker and sculptor who graduated with Honours and earned Master of Fine Arts Degree from Jan Matejko University of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland in 1986. Since then he had 21 individual exhibitions and took part in almost 200 group shows around the globe. He is a founder and principal designer of Desire Arts Studio. He also works in the field of Interior, Architecture and Graphic Design. Wojciech lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.



361 Roncesvalles Ave. – The Chocolateria


artwalk-2016-victorvictoR was born near a small mining town in Poland and grew up in the house close to a railway track. He would study every detail and function of the old engines as they rolled by. By the age of six, he had drawn thousands of them. Years later, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with an MFA in graphic design. Before moving to Canada, he was active as a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, and cartoonist. In Toronto, victoR established a studio of illustration and graphic design. He has illustrated several books for children and his editorial work has appeared in numerous publications in Canada, the USA, and Europe. victoR’s quirky sense of humour and love for anything outrageous or surreal is evident in everything he does. He loves to explore the nooks and crannies of old Toronto neighbourhoods, including all lost rivers. Passionate about music, he is constantly looking for the most natural sound from his speakers.

343 Roncesvalles Ave. – In Home Kitchen+Bath Boutique

Marzena Kotapska

artwalk-2016-marzena-kotapskaBorn in Poland MARZENA KOTAPSKA immigrated to Canada in her early twenties. Throughout Marzen’s life, from belonging to an elementary school art club, to attending School of Art and Design in her native Poland, then continuing her art education after she emigrated to Canada. Over the years she attended Ontario Collage of Art and Design and in 2006 when the Collage became University she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She has participated in many juried group exhibitions and gallery’s exhibits such as Polish Heritage Day at the ROM – Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, McMichael Autumn Art Exhibit – McMichael Canadian Art Collection and numerous others. She has sold hundreds of paintings to private and public collectors, including: The City of Toronto, City Gallery – permanent collection.

337 Roncesvalles Ave. – Muttonhead

Swavek Sienkiewicz

artwalk-2016-swavek-sienkiewiczPolish born artist SWAVEK SIENKIEWICZ studied drawing and painting at the University of Slask and photography at Sheridan College. Currently based in Toronto, Swavek is a successful commercial and fine art photographer winning many awards for design and photography. Sienkiewicz explores the visual possibilities of the photographic medium. Sienkiewicz uses the Japanese aesthetic “Bokeh” which allows for subjective exploration of nature while defusing, softening or creating an out of focus image. Pushing analog photography beyond traditional limits, Sienkiewicz’s latest series of images turns traditional landscapes into a multitude of reflections passing through light; producing unexpected and magical results.

309 Roncesvalles Ave. – Home Smith

Joanna Dabrowski

artwalk-2016-joanna-dabrowskiJOANNA DABROWSKI has been a practicing multidisciplinary artist in Canada since 1985. She has a background in theatre arts and puppetry working primarily in set and costume
design and has been involved with more than thirty stage productions. She is a Master in Fine Art awarded from the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk, Poland. She is currently based in Oak Ridges, Ontario.

303 Roncesvalles Ave. – Cookery

Luke Tomas Bednarek

artwalk-2016-luke-tomas-bednarekLUKE TOMAS BEDNAREK is a Toronto based experiential photographer. His art practice highlights the sensorial shifts that occur when transitioning from a built environment into
natural space. He holds a degree in architecture from Ryerson University, though his research on the intersections of art and science began during his earlier studies at University of Waterloo. Born in Poland and raised in Spain, Bednarek embodies the resilience and fortitude that his works represent. He maintains a strong engagement with the Toronto community and uses the medium of photography to reinforce his commitment to environmental stewardship. Tracing the landscape through memories of old growth forests of his Polish homeland, the urban scenery of Toronto, and the eclipsing beauty of Algonquin Provincial Park, Bednarek captures.

221 Roncesvalles Ave. – Lit Espresso Bar

Ania Machudera

artwalk-2016-ania-machuderaANIA MACHUDERA was born in Poland where she studied biology and primary school teaching, at the University of Lodz. Ania emigrated from Poland to Canada in 1990. In 2005 Ania received BFA from OCAD University in Toronto. A practicing artist since 2000, Machudera has had numerous exhibitions in private and public galleries in Toronto, UK and in Poland. Machudera’s work is in few public collections such as Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble, Lebovic Enterprises Ltd, Canadian Medic Alert Foundation Inc. and Canadian Cancer Society. Machudera works with Optics, transparency and the philosophical perceptions about Light and Shadow.

213 Roncesvalles Ave. – West Side Cycle

Peter Bacler

Peter Bacler (Ugly Farang) Born and educated in Poland. Graduate from Faculty of Architecture, University of Technology in Wroclaw. First photographic images published at age of 5. Permanently attached to camera for 61 years. Graduate of National Institute of Broadcasting. Dedicated recent 5 years to documenting Red Cross relief efforts in ex Indochina – (far Southeast Asia), India and China. Photographer of “Life as we know it” – “freezing time into digital frames”

195 Roncesvalles Ave. – Polonez Café

Ewa Szozda

artwalk-2016-ewa-szozdaEWA SZOZDA was born and raised in Warsaw Poland. She moved to Toronto in 1979, where she started her profession as an ESL instructor, at the same time honing her passion for watercolour painting, which led to her career as a self-taught watercolour artist. Ewa’s affinity for the traditional Art Deco movement has led to her discovery of and fascination with Tamara Lempicka’s work. Indeed, amongst her most popular works are the interpretations of Lempicka’s paintings. Ewa’s other inspiration in man’s best friend. She is highly sought after for canine and feline commissions. The seeds of her passion lie with botanicals, however. Her works have been exhibited in art galleries in Poland and belong to private collectors in Canada, Poland, and England.

187 Roncesvalles Ave. – Scooter Girl

John (Janusz) Rzewuski

artwalk-2016-john-janusz-rzewuskiJOHN (JANUSZ) RZEWUSKI was born and raised in Zakopane, Poland and studied economics in Warsaw. After graduation, he moved to Vienna, Austria then to Canada in 1966. John is now retired after a 40-year career with Bata, where he traveled continually throughout the world and lived in Paris for 4 years. John’s interest in painting was rekindled in 2004 when he began taking courses at the Overland School in Toronto and lessons from Vladimir Ribatchok, the established Russian artist. Collectors in Canada, Poland, Austria, the USA and Peru own paintings by John. He also has created a number of commissioned portraits. He is a member of North York Visual Artists. and participated in a number of their shows.