There is limited parking in the Roncesvalles Village area. This map indicates local parking options.

Best bets:

    Nestle Canada – 72 Sterling Road – only a short 12min walk to Roncesvalles Avenue. This lot is serviced by a free Festival shuttle every 40 minutes. This will travel between 72 Sterling Road (Point A) to 72 Howard Park Avenue (Point B).


Shuttle Schedule

Saturday Departure Times

Sunday Departure Times

Point A Point B Point A Point B
11:00AM 11:15AM 11:00AM 11:15AM
11:30AM 11:45AM 11:30AM 11:45AM
12:00PM 12:30PM 12:00PM 12:30PM
12:45PM 1:00PM 12:45PM 1:00PM
1:15PM 1:30PM 1:15PM 1:30PM
1:45PM 2:00PM 1:45PM 2:00PM
2:15PM 3:00PM 2:15PM 3:00PM
3:15PM 3:30PM 3:15PM 3:30PM
3:45PM 4:00PM 3:45PM 4:00PM
4:15PM 4:30PM 4:15PM 5:00PM
4:45PM 5:00PM 5:15PM 5:30PM
5:15PM 5:45PM 5:45PM 6:00PM
6:00PM 6:15PM 6:15PM 6:30PM
6:30PM 6:45PM
7:00PM 7:15PM
7:30PM 7:45PM
    50-spot lot just west of Dundas West Station north of Bloor Street

There are numerous public parking lots along Bloor Street that are easy to get to and close to the subway line. Even from Kipling Station you’re only 15 minutes from Roncesvalles by subway.

Please note that all side streets in Roncesvalles Village are permit parking/short term parking only, and allow for parking on one side of the street only. Please respect our neighbours, and avoid the headache of a parking ticket!