Volunteer Application

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We’re looking for volunteers 14 years of age and older to join our team!

Every year the Roncesvalles Polish Festival needs a great number of volunteers to keep it running smoothly. We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and dedicated volunteers for September 2018 dates.

Volunteers ensure a safe and enjoyable Festival by directing visitors, supporting the Roncesvalles Polish Festival Team, and assisting with setup/ teardown. This is fun, easy work that can be applied to your high school or community service hours.

Positions Available:

Festival Marshals: During the festival, maintain side street closures, provide directions to participants, ask people to dismount from their bicycles when entering the festival route and redirect traffic.

Barricade Personnel: Ensure barricades are kept in place at certain locations, alternate with patrol personnel and follow through with above Festival Marshal Volunteer description.

Festival Ambassadors: Greet participants to the Festival, ask if they would mind completing a very short Festival Survey, thank them for survey participation, provide event and activity directions and act in a hospitable manner to all participants as you are representing the Roncesvalles Polish Festival and the Roncesvalles BIA.

Zone Team Captains: Responsible for administration and communication of volunteers scheduled in his/ her zone (Festival Marshals, Barricade Marshals, Ambassadors, Relief Volunteers), volunteer breaks commence on time & volunteers return to sites on time, communicate via radios with a Volunteer Coordinator and may have to relieve volunteers for breaks if shortage on Relief Volunteers. Should have some supervisory experience.

Parking Lot Attendants: Maintain the entrance and exit of vehicles into the designated parking lots using barricades, chains, etc.

VIP Assembly Room Attendants: Located in High Park Library, limit access to VIPs and Dance groups and direct them to the relaxation area and assembly area.

Beer Garden Clean-up Team: Assist Beer Manager with cleaning up tables after patrons vacate or when you see empty plastic cups on tables, ask patrons if okay to remove.

St Casimir Church Hall Attendants: Provide a certain amount of security for Polish items on display, control number of viewers in hall at one time and provide direction to those entering Church Hall.

Volunteer Break Relievers: Will be stationed at the Volunteer HQ and under the direction of a Volunteer Coordinator, he/she will locate the Zone Team Captains, who will explain his/her relief responsibility for each 20 minute break to cover. The Zone Team Captains will notify the Volunteer Coordinator as to where they will meet the Relief Volunteer.

Friday Only:

Street Closure Team: Set-up barricades at designated streets with assistance of second volunteer and post signage to barricades as required. May be assigned other activities as needed.

Parking Meter Bagging: Place bags marked “No Parking” over designated parking meters throughout Festival site. Will not take place until 8:30 pm on Friday night.

VIP Reception Attendants: Control the entrance and exit of invited guests at the Friday Night VIP Reception.

VIP Parking Lot Attendants for Friday VIP Reception: Maintain the entrance and exit of vehicles into the Designated parking lot using barricades and list of VIPs attending the reception. Direct VIPs to Prints Charming location at 388 Roncesvalles Avenue (west side), in first block south of Howard Park Avenue. This event takes place on the Friday evening.

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

After you’ve completed the application below, you will receive a confirmation of your application, requested date(s) and shift time(s) from the Volunteer Coordinator – Skip McWatters, a few days after your application is submitted.

You will be forwarded by email an Orientation Package by Monday September 4th. Included will be an outline of your job description for all the Volunteer positions. If you do not receive by Friday September 8th, email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@polishfestival.ca.

Please arrive at the designated Volunteer HQ on time. You must sign in and out at the Volunteer HQ.

You will be given an Event T-shirt at the beginning of your first scheduled shift. Please wear this T-shirt during the entirety of your scheduled shift(s). It is important that we can locate our volunteers in a large crowd with these T-shirts.

Besides your Event T-shirt, make sure that you dress comfortably. Bring along your own caps, sunglasses and sunscreen if necessary. If rain is forecasted, bring along your rain wear and umbrellas. Please do not bring valuables. The festival will not be held responsible for any lost belongings left at the Volunteer HQ.

You will be given a food voucher at the Volunteer HQ when you arrive for every shift you work.

Volunteers may not smoke while on shift.

There are scheduled breaks. Please stay on duty until your relief volunteer arrives.

Join our team by filling out the form below.

2018 Volunteer Registration Form
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